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Let’s Begin


My very first blog post.

Oh, the pressure!

No, really, it is a lot of pressure. I have no idea what to start with. Maybe I should talk about myself? Or maybe about what I plan on doing here? Perhaps I should talk about the reason why I’m here? That sounds good.

I’m starting this blog because I’m a first time mom with a lot of questions in my head. That’s why. Explain, you say? Alright.

I’ve always knew I wanted to be a mother. When I was in preschool I apparently told my mom I wanted to have two daughters and a housekeeper when I grew up. I started babysitting when I was 12 and later became a nanny. I read a lot about babies and pregnancy and even got an associate degree in Early Childhood Education. However, I didn’t become a mother until I was in my thirties.

My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. That was tough. And it was that moment that got me in contact with the online world. I found some great support groups online and several YouTube channels that helped me a lot during that time. Later when I became pregnant again, I found even more resources online. It was great. It inspired me to start my own YouTube channel and record my own experience. The idea was to not only share my journey, but also to try to help others the way others had helped me.

When my daughter was born life changed for me. It became harder to find time to record videos. Not only the time I had was mainly when she was asleep, but I didn’t always feel in the mood to get camera-ready.

I also started watching less YouTube videos. I still enjoy them, but it became harder to watch them. During feeding sessions, naps, or in the middle of the night it was much easier to read a blog post than to watch a video. There’s also the problem of trying to find information later. I’ve seen a few videos that had good tips and information I’d like to find again, but I don’t really have the time to try to watch several of them to find where that information was. Descriptions of videos are not always great at disclosing what they are about. With blog posts I can quickly skim them to see if they have what I want.

That’s why I decided to write a blog instead of continuing to make videos. I’m not giving up videos, and I will do them when I feel they’re necessary or the best way to show or talk about something. However, I probably won’t use them very often.

Are you ready? So let’s begin.